Custom applications for small to medium enterprises.

Learn to write your own apps for the iPhone

An investment in professional systems development can unleash the power of the software applications you already have on your computer and save you thousands of dollars. A professionally developed database can manage many of the tasks that your employees spend many hours doing now.  Free your staff from tedious admin tasks so they can focus on making you money.
Solsup is a Melbourne based supplier of inexpensive custom built databases and applications.
By using a custom built database you can
  • Enforce business rules
  • Reduce labour on admin tasks
  • Make your business processes more efficient
  • Get fast accurate reports to help you run your business better
  • Improve Customer Service

Sales/Customer Management
Production Control
Order Processing Databases

You own the source code,
no on-going licence fees!

Do you have a database that you've developed yourself? Solsup can fix any problems, support it, enhance it to exploit the full power  of MS Office.

 Business Systems in Microsoft Office
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iPhone and iPad Development
If you have Microsoft Office Professional on your PCs you have all you need to build a sophisticated database to help you manage your business. iPhone apps to support builders and DIY Handiman Find out more here. 
Date Finder - Genealogist Tool for iPhone Click Here For Details DanteMath is fun way to introduce the elementary concepts of addition and subtraction using toy racing cars. Move cars from their car parks to the starting grid to solve the maths problem. Find out more here.


Support and implementation of HR/Payroll Systems

Solution Support Services has been implementing and support HR/Payroll Systems for over 20 years with experience in SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Mincom, Peoplesoft CHRISpay and Aurion

For more information contact Chris Padgham on 0418 340 246 or Click here for an enquires form
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